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August 1 , 2018 


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When me and my partner are together, we don’t really discuss our weed habits or how it plays a certain, special “role” in our relationship. It would be terrible to say our relationship works better with it than without. The thought of using a substance to keep our love alive isn’t exactly what we’re going for here, although we were pretty sure we weren’t alone in feeling some type of way about it. “What happens when we start a family? Are we simply in a phase? Could it put our relationship at risk? How will it be if one of us quits?” The questions kept lingering in the back of my mind. Thankfully, I told my partner and we began researching it and here’s what happened.


Obviously we wanted to see what other couples were feeling online and what insight they could share with us for starters. We went straight to YouTube in hopes of finding a good cannabis documentary or something about the benefits of using it. The majority of everything we found was however against the use of cannabis and there were lots of videos about how it’s a negative thing to have in a relationship. After scrolling through pages of videos, we began to strongly disagree with what we found since Mary Jane had always been a positive influence on our relationship. I guess not everything can be answered by Googling it, so we decided to do some experimenting on our own, starting with the baked goods.


Now, we are by no means professional bakers, not even close, so we will skip that step for now and go right into how it affected us. Since we wanted to be completely clear minded going into this, we refrained from our regular consumption habits 24 hours prior to our little brownies rendezvous, for the sake of the experiment. The deal was to spend the entire day in preparation for our delicious baked goods and the next day to monitor how it made us feel after they kick in. Once it kicked in, the experiment began. The goal of the experiment is to have a normal day at home as a functioning and normal, happy couple. A normal day for us is coming home and cooking dinner whilst tending to the chores. After dinner, it’s Netflix and chill with an emphasis on the chill.


It was not only one of the most memorable nights we’ve had in a long time, you could go so far as to even call it a “date night” as the whole body-high effect enhanced everything. But it also brought us closer to the conclusion that we had more research to do. I’m not sure if the sex was better because of the magic brownies, or if it was the fact that we were totally aware of every single second we spent together making it that more special. Whatever it was, we both agreed to save the edibles for weekends and holidays when we have the time to let loose. The only downside we could really think of was the preparation and the extra calories.


Back to the drawing board for us. Would weed eventually kill our love life?


We decided to go back to our regular weed habits only this time we would monitor them the same way we did with the edibles. We just want to be a functionally happy, normal couple who comes home, cooks dinner, tidies up and veges out in front of the TV, naked. I enjoy the daily joint whereas my partner prefers their bong. Sometimes we share but we never really talked about where we draw the line. The important thing that came out of the second night was that we both agreed, that if and when, IF we decide to become a family, we promised to revisit this subject and find a solution that we are both comfortable with during that time.

Ultimately, our new found research was exactly what I (we) needed. It felt like a DIY project, but it brought us the communication we needed and the answers to my questions, well most of them anyway. Cannabis and love are a great combination when you have the right kind of communication in a mature relationship. The intention behind our romantic weed research was to see if our love would last. With the right intention and the right partner… Oh, wait, no spoilers!


Photography by sept commercial

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