Top Ten Sexual Positions and Strains  While You’re Stoned 

We noticed that some strains enhanced our sex and others were less effective so we decided to do some experimenting of our own. The information we gathered was put together just as a general guide for cannabis-lovers. We broke it down into the following two factors; strain vs position.


When it comes to deciding which strain pairs best with which position, we made a list of examples with a high energy sativa high vs positions with a more relaxing, indica high.


When it comes to the sexual positions, we simplified it down to either the calm and errotic positions vs the more aroused and romantic ones.


Again, this is only meant to be a general guide and conditions may apply. Not everyone will agree with our recommendations and that’s okay, too. We understand that everyone has a different preference and this guide will help outline our experience with cannabis and the art of love making.


  1. “Spooning”

Recommended Strain: Indica


Effect: The indica strain of your choice will provide you with a relaxed yet aroused feeling while spooning with your partner. This low friction position lets both partners rest and feel comfortable while allowing the blood to flow more easily to the heart and brain. You and your partner can both relax as minimal energy is required, allowing for enhanced stimulation and gradual arousal.


Example: We’ve all been there. You and your partner are both in the mood, but you’re both exhausted. Perhaps you’ve had a long day and just want to cuddle up with your partner and eventually have some sex. At certain times when low energy sex occurs (like morning sex), spooning is the ideal position, especially when it’s combined with your favorite strain of indica. This position can also be good for people who have an injury such as a broken leg and cannot exert a lot of physical energy. In most cases, bedridden patients find this position to be their favorite since it is comfortable and convenient when under the influence of indica.


  1. “Advanced Spooning”

Recommended Strain: Sativa


Effect: Advanced spooning is simply spooning while you’re both on your backs, stacked on top of each other allowing for both partners to stimulate the other parts of the body with ease. The sativa high is one that can ensure the stamina required for this errotic position with the promise of intensified arousal.


Example: This position is a great one to use when you want to build up the momentum and transfer to other positions such as Doggy or the Reverse Cowgirl. If you start with the traditional spooning position and roll onto your backs into the advanced spooning position, this will help to gradually increase the ecstasy level which is why we recommend a good sativa high. This position is a good transitional pose since one partner will literally be ‘smashing’ the other while laying on top, however, it’s likely you will switch to the next position and a good sativa high will only make it that much easier.


  1. “Missionary”

Recommended Strain: Sativa


Effect: The sativa strain of your choice will keep your senses alert and fully engaged with your partner when doing the Missionary position. According to the Kama Sutra, this position strengthens the emotions such as loyalty and trust in the relationship when making eye contact. The sativa allows your body to remain strong and relaxed while your bodies sync together through your movement.


Example: When it’s intimate between you and your partner and you are both in the moment, this position is great combined with a sativa high. Since one of you is under the other, the sativa allows you to remain fully aware and in the moment while you both enjoy the romantic pose. Even though some might prefer an indica high for its relaxing sensation, we noticed sativa helped make up for the “lack of creativity” and “laziness” that this traditional sex position has a reputation for. As a matter of fact, it’s only a matter of taste and the mood you and your partner are aiming to achieve - not the mood you are currently in.


  1. “Missionary - Legs Up”

Recommended Strain: Sativa


Effect: This position starts off the same as the regular missionary position, only the person on the bottom raises their legs up and rests them on top of their partner’s shoulders. They can also wrap them around their partner’s waist or their partner can grab the ankles and spread the legs apart. Sativa strains pair up extremely well with this position.


Example: When you want to turn up the heat and start getting a little more creative with the traditional missionary position, the benefits will still apply when combined with a sativa high. This position is an all time favorite for most couples because it allows them to keep the romance burning and make eye contact yet enabling them to really lay into each other with the intensity level more similarly related to that of doggy style. Either way, make sure you turn on the air conditioning or a fan because it’s bound to heat things up.


  1. “Doggy Style”

Recommended Strain: Indica or Sativa


Effect: This position is ideal with either an indica or a sativa high as doggy style is a position that can be done gently or intensely, depending on the vibe. If you decide to go for a sativa high, you will not enjoy it any less than an indica high since the focus here will automatically be on the intercourse and the high will be something that is more noticed in the retrospect.


Example: When you and your partner want an intense smashing session, the sativa high is going to be your best bet. Indica is just as much of a pleasant high when doing doggy because again, the position can be done slowly and relaxed which will make it a more erotic and arousing position that can be modified during. Indica highs usually serve as a better stimulant for erotic sex as opposed to sativa highs. But hey, they’re both equally beneficial for this position.


  1. “Doggy Style - Standing”

Recommended Strain: Sativa


Effect: This is a well known position that will leave you and your partner begging for more and is most enjoyed with a sativa high. The sativa high gives you both the pleasure of regular doggy style, only standing up. Bending over can intensify the sensation by simply leaning over on a counter top, a table, or even touching your toes. Either way, the sativa high is best combined with this position for obvious reasons.


Example: Whether you start from a standing hug, turn around and drop your panties or are simply on your way from the couch to the bedroom, this position allows you open up to your partner and let them go at it as much as you can handle. The sativa helps keep the high energy level flowing between both of you and you will be more likely to reach a more pleasurable climax as your senses are enhanced. If you decide to try this position with an indica high, we would recommend a slower more errotic approach in contrast.


  1. “Sixty-Nine”

Recommended Strain: Indica or Sativa


Effect: Indica highs are good for positions which consist of both partners lying down and both of their body weight is supported one way or another. By being able to lay down and relax, the indica high will allow your heart rates to perform at their best with the stamina required to perform the all glorifying sixty-nine position.


Example: Whether you’re boy on girl, boy on boy or girl on girl, sixty-nine takes the cake as one of the most popular positions among fun loving couples who enjoy simultaneously spoiling each other just as much as they enjoy being spoiled. Although this position tends to include the occasional rolling over and flipping sides, we recommend an indica high. However, sixty-nine combined with a sativa high can be just as good if you both are laying on your sides and not stacked on top of each other. By laying on your sides and performing sixty-nine, the both of you can really get into it and make it for a longer, more intense session.


  1. “Scissors” (Girls Only)

Recommended Strain: Indica or Sativa


Effect: Due to the relaxing nature of the indica high and the reclining position of scissoring, you and your partner will be able to steadily reach climax, slowly but surely. The nature of this combination is designed for building up intensity and maximizing focus in all the right places.


Example: For beginners and experts alike, this position allows you to remain relaxed for a number of reasons besides the indica high. You and your partner have the option of lying down and relaxing until your eyes roll back or sitting up and making eye contact for a more intimate connection. Sativa highs however may tend to elongate the duration of the session because the build up is not as effective as with the indica. So you can enjoy both, but we recommend going with an indica strain since this scissoring is more errotic than romantic in a similar fashion to sixty-nine.


  1. “Reverse Cowgirl” (or boy)

Recommended Strain: Sativa


Effect: Sativa is a nice high to combine with the reverse cowgirl position as it requires both partners to be fully attentive of the other and their movements, we wouldn’t want a trip to the emergency room, now would we. In most cases, this position starts off slowly and then picks up a healthy pace that gets the heart pumping and this is why sativa is our recommendation.


Example: This position is ideal combined with sativa and is a great way to shift into a higher gear. You can transition into this position from the advanced spooning position or initiate it from a standing up hug to a sitting down chair position. The sativa high will once again help keep the focus alert and your senses enhanced without the drowsy feeling that an indica high would give. This position is recommended when you want to have a good time with your partner and you want them to remember it forever.


  1. “Lap Dance”

Recommended Strain: Indica


Effect: This position is more like a sitting hug where you sit on top of your partner facing them while wrapping your legs around their waist and because of this we recommend a good indica high. The relaxed nature of the sitting position allows you both to rock back and forth slowly, much like a lap dance. The position is not only errotic, but also romantic as the pace picks up.


Example: This is the ideal position for when you want to straddle your partner in a hug and F their brains out. A good indica high will keep you both focused on each other while you exchange passionate kisses and connect on a deeper level. Indica really enhances the senses when doing this position, especially since you can both feel and control each and every movement inside. This position is one that you can take your time with and really savor with the indica. The best part is that you can even smoke with your partner while in the lap dance position - but please remember to put safety first if and when you smoke in bed.


We had a lot of fun learning about the MANY combinations and we shared our experiences with our friends who also benefited from this list. If you and your partner ever wonder about which strain goes best paired together with which position, then this guide was published for you.


The next time you and your cannabis-lover want to experiment in the bedroom, just remember selecting the right strain can make all the difference and that everybody’s different.

August 9 , 2018 

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