The Top 5 Spots in Israel to Smoke Weed

August 15, 2018


Israel is known for many things, including it’s beautiful beaches, desert, ancient ruins, spiritual experience, and of course, being the Holy Land. Even within the cannabis industry, due to it’s progressive research of medical cannabis, Israel has a leading global reputation.
 However, there’s an entire side to Israeli cannabis that I, as an Israeli native, stress to every stoner visiting the Holy Land, to experience and smoke at if they plan on visiting Israel- and no, it does not involve cannabis labs and strict government-controlled farms.
Israel’s history with cannabis dates back all the way to the BC era, during the temple period. It is argued that the special oil that Cohenim Priest were required to drench themselves in prior to entering the holy temple, consisted of Cannabis.
No wonder Israel is a leader in the field of medical cannabis!
Despite it’s history and world-leading medical marijuana program, smoking and obtaining weed recreationally, still remains highly illegal. So avoid cops, at all cost! Although, a large portion of the Israeli population consumes cannabis, if you do get caught, you’ll likely get punished.
However, so long as you stray away from legal authorities, you don’t have to fear from the local Israeli getting pissed for your lit spliff. Israelis LOVE WEED!

Here’s a list of must smoke places in Israel, that are, for the most part, safe from police, the notorious conflict and annoyingly intrusive tourists.


1. King David's Tomb in Jerusalem:
 An amazing place full of history, that overlooks the entire Old City, including the Western Wall and Temple Mount.
It is believed that the Jewish King David is buried here and it is also the location that the Christian Messiah, Jesus and his 12 disciples had the famous, “Last Supper.”
King David's tomb is located on the East part of the Old City walls in Jerusalem. The walk to the tomb requires you to walk on the the ancient city’s walls. The trek to the tomb is full of spiritual magic accompanied by breathtaking views and once you reach the top, and take a hit, you’re in for a spiritual high, out of this world, in the holiest place.
The best time to sneak on top of the tomb is definitely at sunset. The ancient city looks as though it’s golden and the Muslim call of prayer can be heard.

2. Jaffa Clocktower Beach in Tel Aviv:
 This is a very unique place; the mix of the Mediterranean blue sea and breeze, alone, will make you want to move there. Add in the variety of people, drum circles, live music and the overall good vibes, leaves you with a felling from the good ol’ days.

You’ll notice that the people will become more friendly once you bust out your weed, but don’t fret about sharing, as they most likely are also there smoking and will offer you a hit, as well.

Don’t forget to bring the Israeli summer beach food, watermelon and feta to pair with you spliff.
Highly recommenced to visit on a Friday afternoon.
There’s hundreds of people sunbathing, playing MATKOT (Israeli tennis) alongside the Sea, awaiting the weekend.





3. Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv:
   After along day at the beach, this street is a good start to a perfect evening. Known to be the most beautiful boulevard in Tel Aviv, it begins in downtown and ends in the south. A beautiful place with lots of trees and benches that align the street, and perfect spots to sit and spark one and enjoy the scenery and people. The cafes, pubs and restaurants are some of the best that Israel has to offer. Don’t forget to grab a falafel or shawarma!


















4. Tzfat, the Holy place of Air:
Tzfat is known in the Jewish religion, as the holy place of air. A place known for Kabbalah and it’s mystic energy, deep in the forest of the Israeli northern mountains, Tzfat is known to give it’s visitors a natural high, so adding cannabis into the mix, creates a spiritual experience fit for the highest Tzadik (Jewish holy person)
The Old City of Safed (Tzfat) is also a famous artist spot. A walk through the ancient brick city, is filled with art galleries full of inspiring Kabballah imagery, sacred geometry and other forms of mystical artistic expression.
There’s also a forest that surrounds the main city, which possesses it’s own spiritual energy, and prime spot to smoke a bowl.
Keep in mind, Tzfat is filled with people on a trip. Some from pot, acid, spirit and others, well they’re just tripping. Don’t be scared, just go with the mystic feeling. Tzfat is one of the safest places in Israel.



















5. The University of Haifa:
The University of Haifa is a hidden Israeli jewel with a 360 view of the city and sea. The university sits upon one of the highest points of the gorgeous, Mt. Carmel. Mount Carmel is a spectacular mountaintop that is blanketed with forestry and views of the Mediterranean, primetime to smoke a joint is definitely sunrise or sunset.
Haifa is a special city and predominately a peaceful one where one can find the Arabic and Jewish population living in harmony. Delicious street food, candy shops and vendors are located everywhere in the Old City. You can also find ancient ruins including baths from the Ottoman period.
The boardwalk to the port is filled with beautiful and young people who love weed, so take a nice stroll to the water, lit joint in hand.
















Israel is a very special place and cannabis enhances the trip. So make sure to have a source if you ever find yourself venturing to the Holy Land, and don’t forget to make these spots apart of your stonedventure bucketlist!!!

By:Guy Eluz

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