Molly Peckler: The Cupid of Cannabis

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August 1 , 2018 

By: Magalie Noebes

Updated 1:30 PST

Ah love in the cannabis world - it’s a beautiful thing. Not only has it been proven that marijuana can elevate those sensual feelings, it can also bring people together in so many ways. Thats where CannaQueen Molly Peckler saw an opportunity - why not create a cannabis lover’s dating website??


Specialized dating sites are no new concept - you have your J-Date, Christian Mingle, Farmers Only, Our Time… the list goes on. With marijuana legalization spreading its net wider across the nation, it only makes sense to have a cannabis dating website. Weed smokers need love too.


Highly Devoted is a cannabis friendly matchmaking and coaching service, founded by Molly Peckler. As a cannabis lover, and experienced life coach, Peckler wanted to provide a matchmaking service that connected cannabis lovers, while also giving them cannabis dating tips to help love last. At the beginning of her professional journey, like many, she never imagined herself working in the cannabis industry - now she’s found herself a true ganjapreneur who has made a serious name for herself.


Molly launched Highly Devoted after landing an opportunity to be a cannabis consultant. Growing up in the Midwest, she never considered working in the cannabis industry in any facet. After several years of working as a matchmaker, Molly found herself in an unexpected opportunity as a cannabis consultant. Obviously, as anyone working in cannabis could tell you, she instantly fell in love with the cannabis industry. Her accumulated knowledge of matchmaking and life-coaching, and the knowledge she gained as a cannabis consultant, led her to start Highly Devoted.


During her time as a consultant, Molly not only learned the ins and outs of cannabis regulation, connecting with many cannabis professionals along the way. With a degree in psychology, and her experience as a matchmaker, it didn’t take long for Molly to realize there was a huge gap missing from the cannabis industry. At the time it was early 2015, Colorado had just recently legalized, and there was a lot of stigma surrounding cannabis users. Let’s be real, there is still a fair amount of stigma surrounding cannabis users. The question was - How could professional cannabis lovers, find love themselves?


Molly realized she had a specific set of skills to stick her flag in the cannabis industry. She could combine her matchmaking and cannabis expertise to be the first cannabis friendly life coach and dating expert. Upon this realization, Molly Peckler launched Highly Devoted in June of 2015.


Molly’s mission is to help cannabis-lovin’ singles find lasting love. She began offering dating and life coaching services to a few cannabis consumers, which quickly turned into a large client list. Molly started hosting “Singles Speakeasy” events late 2016. These events offered a classy, welcoming atmosphere where cannabis singles could have a romantic smoke-sesh together with no judgment. At these events, Molly provides all the tools smokers need to fall in love. But that's not all she provides.


Highly Devoted isn’t just about sticking your weed in someone else's pipe - its a full life coaching experience with Molly. She specializes in giving cannabis consumers all around the world tools to build confidence in themselves, dating tips and relationship advice, direction in their career, and of course - confidence in cannabis.


Molly is all about focusing on what makes people truly happy - and that all comes from confidence within. This branched back to her experience as a matchmaker - working at a “Millionare Matchmaker” type of company, helping high networth clients find love. She was good at it; she didn’t just match them with compatible mates, she focused on boosting their confidence, and helping them understand what they were truly looking for in an ideal partner.


Overall, Molly’s main goal is to help abolish stigma while connecting these individuals. I’m sure many smokers have one story or several of being denied a second date after telling them they smoke weed. Molly considers this a “red flag” in the dating world. She urges her clients not to hold back on what makes them happy - immediately talk about and ask about what they are interested in, like cannabis. Molly’s philosophy: “Don’t Settle!”


The stigma is exactly why Molly wanted to start Highly Devoted - She works with cannabis consumers around the world who are proving, every day, they defy the “stoner stigma.” By bringing together like-minded passionate cannabis professionals, she is creating a positive environment of stereotype-busting professionals who are falling in love - and who will essentially create little babies who will be raised with the right knowledge of the benefits of cannabis. If I’d be so bold to say - Molly’s technically doing God’s work for the future of cannabis.


Molly utilizes her warmth, positive disposition, empathy, and overall passion to help anyone gain a new perspective and grow within themselves, and in the cannabis industry. She’s a proud cannabis enthusiast, who is fighting to bust stigma and move cannabis toward the future. As a happily married cannabis consumer, her mission is to help others find the same peace and love she’s found in her own life. She’s turned that passion and mission into a career, creating a first-of-its-kind business that only further proves that women are ruling the cannabis industry. That’s why she takes the CannaQueen crown.

If you’re interested in finding your cannabis-friendly love of your life, or are looking for some confidence building life skills and coaching - you can contact Molly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or hop over to her website, Highly Devoted. You can try a free coaching consultation as well so you can test the waters!  

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