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Dina Browner:The Cannabis Mogul Queen Who's Influencing Hollywood and Inspiring the World 

By:Magalie Noebes

August 24 , 2018 

Updated 4:20 PST

A general rule of thumb is, if you’re cool with Snoop, you’re pretty much cool with everyone, especially in the cannabis industry. This is very much the case for Dina Browner, or as coined by the D-O-DoubleG himself, Dr. Dina. Browner was a cannabis novice-turned true advocate, turned major ganjapreneur....

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Chloe Villano:How One Woman Turned Tragedy into an Empire

August 1 , 2018 

By:Magalie Noebes

Updated 11:30 PST

Updated 11:30 PST

Women in general are used to wearing many hats - It’s what we do, and we wear each hat well. But, every so often there's one rare woman who wears several hats, and THEN SOME. Meet Chloe Villano - the woman who knows just about all there is to know about cannabis, and she’s more than happy to help teach you.

Reading time 3 min

Molly Peckler: The Cupid of Cannabis

August 1 , 2018 

By:Magalie Noebes

Updated 1:30 PST

Ah love in the cannabis world - it’s a beautiful thing. Not only has it been proven that marijuana can elevate those sensual feelings, it can also bring people together in so many ways. Thats where CannaQueen Molly Peckler saw an opportunity - why not create a cannabis lover’s dating website??

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