The best summer drink to get high and refreshing at the same time .

summer night are her and the hot comes with it so take your self a break and have a drink.

Photography by Christine Siracusa


  • 8 Oz of Mix fresh juice  

  • 1 large cucumber 

  • 1\8 Oz Cannabis infused coconut oil

  • Fresh Mint & sage

  • Pinch of sugar 

  • Ice

Photography by Caitlin Mclean

1 cucumber 

 Cut to slices 

1/8 Oz

infused cannabis coconut oil 

8 Oz 

Mix fresh juice

Fresh Mint & Sage  


  • Step 1. Process Blend The juice with the ice in a Blender.

  • step 2. Add 1\2 cucumber to the bland juice and ice. 

  • Step 3. Add the cannabis oil with the mint & sage in to the blender and mix till you have one mixture .

  • Step 4. Add slices of cucumber to the juice mix and drink and get high