Dina Browner:The Cannabis Mogul Queen Who's Influencing Hollywood and Inspiring the World 

August 24 , 2018 

By:Magalie Noebes


Updated 4:20 PST

A general rule of thumb is, if you’re cool with Snoop, you’re pretty much cool with everyone, especially in the cannabis industry. This is very much the case for Dina Browner, or as coined by the D-O-DoubleG himself, Dr. Dina. Browner was a cannabis novice-turned true advocate, turned major ganjapreneur. Building an impressive career at the cusp of legalization, Dr. Dina’s story is one to admire and look up to.


Browner never expected to be in the cannabis industry, let alone becoming possibly one of the most well-known cannabis advocates in the nation. Coming from a well-off family in Southern California, Browner’s mother is a PhD. Psychologist, her father a mortgage broker, and her sister a pro golf player. Browner was working as a pieced goods buyer right out of college, and was engaged to the heir to Life Alert. Life seemed to be rolling just fine - Until her engagement was unexpectedly called off and Browner, whether she knew it or not, was searching for a purpose.


Browner was thrown into the medical cannabis world in 2003 after a friend confided in her that he had been diagnosed with stage four cancer, and he was having difficulties with his treatments. Hearing he was unable to keep down his chemo pills and food, and struggling with the toll cancer treatment takes on a person, the Doc. dove into some research to help her friend. She learned medicinal cannabis was possibly the only solution to his problems, and did everything she could to find a physician in Southern California to help her friend. Unfortunately, all of her searching came up dry.


At the time, there was still heavy stigma against cannabis, and naturally, doctors were afraid for their licenses to even discuss cannabis as a treatment. After much searching, Browner eventually found a physician in the Bay Area who was open to the idea of cannabis as a treatment - Of course, there was still the issue of there being no safe and convenient way to access the medicine in her area. Not only was her friend able to get the medicine he needed, the soon-to-be coined Dr. Dina managed to convince the physician to open up a clinic in L.A. one day a week, with Browner running the shop - And thus, the genesis of Dr. Dina.


Mind you, Dina Browner has no PhD. (which is why her mother has a relatively bad taste in her mouth concerning the moniker) but she has made great strides in helping put medical cannabis into the mainstream. Amazingly enough Snoop Dogg gave Dina the nickname, having her Dr. status mean about as much as Dr. Dre’s. The pair have been friends for over 25 years, Snoop apparently gave Dina her first hit of marijuana way back in the day. Once the clinic opened in Southern California, Dina returned the favor by helping Snoop get his first letter of recommendation to use medical cannabis - and she has renewed this recommendation every year since.


For decades Browner had been loved by many Hollywood elites and dignitaries but under relative secrecy. It wasn’t until 2013 when the Doc. was “ousted” (in a way) in a GQ interview with Snoop Dogg. From then on, Dr. Dina’s name started becoming somewhat of a household name in the cannabis community, even going as far as consulting on cannabis-related shows.


Browner established her cannabis career by lending a major hand in shifting the perception of cannabis, how you bought it, and who needed it. In 2003, Dina opened “The Sunset Shop” a safe, clean, and of course, compliant dispensary that launched her into her now fammed career.


Dina held her own in a male-dominated industry that was filled with federal obstacles and general nay-sayers. Since 2003, Dr. Dina has not only launched her own dispensaries, and essentially brought medical cannabis to Southern California, she also consults with countless celebrities, politicians, entertainment execs, as well as many other dispensaries and businesses across the country. One of her crowning moments was being able to help launch a compassionate care program that provides free medical cannabis to those in need in the city. Dr. Dina is also a consultant for Netflix, lending a hand into the hit show Disjointed, which highlights the trials and tribulations of a medical cannabis shop - something Dina is extremely familiar with.  


Dr. Dina has gone far beyond changing minds about the cannabis industry - being a small woman in a big cannabis world, she has made a name for herself by helping others, and insuring people get the care they so desperately need through medicinal cannabis. Assisting in launching so many amazing programs, changing the image of dispensaries, and running AHHSWEHO, the oldest continuously running dispensary in Southern California, has rightfully established her “the Queen of Cannabis.”


Dina is a shining example of women in cannabis - a true soul who grew to know and love cannabis, and grow her own name for herself in the face of challenges, all out of the drive to help her sick friend. Dr. Dina has been helping every since, whether its changing perceptions of medicinal cannabis, to ensuring others stay safe and compliant, to even starting a foundation that raises funds and awareness for those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes.


Dina Browner has been in the cannabis industry for a long time, but that in no way means she’s slowing down any time soon. A kind person, driven to help others through cannabis, that is tight with Snoop Dogg? Like we said, Dr.Dina is a true canna-queen, and anyone who’s good in Snoop’s book, should be good in any cannabis lover’s book.




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