A Potent Reasoning for Vaping

December 18 , 2018 

By:Ashley Priest


Many people have turned to vaping cannabis products seeing how it is thought to be a much safer consumption method in comparison to smoking. Now though, consumers and patients alike may have an even better reason to consume through vaping. According to a recent study, it seems that vaping cannabis allows one to feel more potent effects than when smoking dried cannabis flower.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine performed a study with 17 human subjects.  Participants included 8 women and 9 men which were all deemed healthy and free of cannabis consumption for at least 1 month prior to the study. The consumption of vaporized or smoked cannabis took place in 6 different 8-hour sessions at least 1 week apart.

The participants were asked to inhale vaporized cannabis at various strengths including 0mgs, 10mgs, and 25mgs. This placebo-controlled study asked half of the study group to instead smoke cannabis at the same strengths. The results of the study concluded that the individuals that consumed vaporized cannabis at the 25mg concentration had a higher THC concentration in their blood in comparison to the participants that smoked the same dosage concentration. 

Individuals that vaped cannabis also reported much stronger psychoactive effects than the individuals who smoked the same concentration.  This has led researchers to conclude that vaping cannabis provides a more potent high than smoking.

To come to this conclusion and evaluate the results of the study researchers measured a few different factors after consumption occurred. These aspects included vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. In addition, after consumption researchers also measured the concentration of THC in the blood of participants. This allowed researchers to see a difference in the amount of THC that was absorbed through vaping vs. through smoking.

Participants also completed surveys which were designed to measure their subjective experiences after consuming cannabis through one of the two different inhalation methods. The survey consisted of questions regarding the effects that they felt post consumption including aspects such as did they feel anxious, restless, motivated, nauseated and others.

It is exciting to see new research in regard to cannabis but seeing more research into the effects of vaping is detrimental as more and more patients, and consumers alike are choosing to vape rather than smoke. Inhalation methods such as these are the preferred of many patients as they tend to provide the most immediate effects. It will be exciting to see how research in this area develops in the years to come. For now, though, we say, vape em if you got em! 




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