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A Potent Reasoning for Vaping

December 16 , 2018 

By:Ashley Priest

Updated 6:20 PST

Many people have turned to vaping cannabis products seeing how it is thought to be a much safer consumption method in comparison to smoking. Now though, consumers and patients alike may have an even better reason to consume through vaping. According to a recent study, it seems that vaping cannabis allows one to feel more potent effects than when smoking dried cannabis flower.

Reading time 5 min

ParagonCoin– A Model of Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Excellence

By:Ashley Priest

October 17 , 2018 

Updated 12:20 PST

Cryptocurrency and cannabis, two topics that the government seem to truly despise. Cannabis is a plant they have tried to eradicate for decades. Thankfully, due to the efforts of patients and advocates, they’ve been unsuccessful. Cryptocurrency is another topic that government isn’t fond of. Cryptocurrency and cannabis are cultivating budding success together. 

Reading time 4 min

Molson Coors Canada Hops into The Canadian Cannabis Sector

By:Ashley Priest

August 1 , 2018 

Updated 6:20 PST

Molson Coors Canada has decided to hop into the Canadian cannabis sector by offering a non-alcoholic beverage that's cannabis-infused. Molson won't be growing weed themselves. Instead, a joint venture was sparked between Hydropothecary (HEXO) Corporation and Molson Coors Canada with Molson holding on to 57. 5% interest in the venture.

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